Over 37,000 Romanian IT specialists have left the country in the last 20 years, according to a study by coding school Codecool and IT recruiting firm Brainspotting, quoted by Economica.net.

About 30% of the Romanian IT specialists who left the country went to the US and Canada, 60% went to other European countries (13% in the UK), and the remaining 10% went to Asia or other areas.

Romania thus has a deficit of IT specialists of 15,500 people per year, which is one of the main barriers and challenges for the IT companies when it comes to recruitment. Meanwhile, the local universities offer only about 9,500 IT graduates per year, a third of whom are in Bucharest.

“We have a talent gap of over 15,400 IT professionals per year at a national level. We should double the number of graduates in technology to cover this need. We believe in the potential of the IT market here, which is why we have chosen Bucharest as the destination of the next Codecool school. We aim a number of 300 students in the first year of launch and we want our program to help in closing the gap of IT specialists in Romania,” said Claudia Tamași, Country Manager Codecool Romania.

Codecool, an IT educational start-up from Budapest, entered the Romanian market in February 2019, when it began its programming courses in its new campus in Bucharest. The courses are open to all those who are interested in programming or for those who want a professional reconversion.


(Photo source: Pixabay.com)