Welcome to CBEX

We are a friendly business community consisting of a Romanian – Canadian mix. Whether you are Romanian embracing the Canadian way,

or Canadian seeing the Romanian setup as a business opportunity, you are in the right place.



Our mission

We strive to create real networking opportunities for the Romanian-Canadian business community. We direct our efforts towards strengthening relationships. Whether you’re a Canadian company expanding to Romania, or a Romanian company developing a project in Canada, we wish to be the contact point to support you and help you make the best out of each opportunity.

Our vision

We envision a thriving framework for empowering the Romanian-Canadian business community – bringing together companies from both sides, in order to nurture long term partnerships. We trust that the Canadian way is a refreshing way of doing business.

Our values

What are we driven by?

Long-Term Partnerships
We believe that collaboration and the sharing of knowledge is the steadiest way to grow.

 We support business transactions where both parties have access to the same information.

 We believe that successful business partnerships require the highest level of trust from both parties.