In a celebration that bridges continents with its harmonious strains, the Enescu Festival is poised to grace its 23rd edition, promising an exquisite showcase of music’s boundless power.

Themed ‘Generosity through Music,’ this edition marks a triumphant convergence of sonic brilliance that will resonate across Bucharest from August 27th to September 24th, 2023.

This edition of the George Enescu Festival will bring to Bucharest: 

– 29 Days of music: Over 5000 enthusiasts will gather in concert halls daily.

– 150 Captivating Concerts: From Bucharest to various locations across the country.

– 3500+ Renowned Artists: Showcasing Romanian and international talent.

– Global Harmony: 51 acclaimed orchestras from 14 countries.

– Musical Journey: 10 remarkable events across cities like Cluj, Timișoara, Iasi, Sibiu, and Bacău.

📜The full program can be checked here:

🎟️Tickets can be bought only on the Eventim website, the official ticketing partner of the festival: